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Darren Cole

Director, CPA, AFP

Darren commenced his employment at what was then Harold Cole Accountants in August 2000. Since then, he has completed his Bachelor of Commerce, CPA studies, is an Associate member of the Financial Planning Association and is a licensed financial adviser. After many years sharing his time between tax and financial advice, Darren now focuses solely on providing financial advice to our clients with a particular interest in helping clients transition into retirement.

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James Thomson

Provisional Financial Adviser

James Thomson is one of our Advisers and started out here in November 2020. James completed his Bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning in 2019 and has been working in the profession for 3 years. James working in Melbourne has given him exposure to all aspects of financial advice. He is in the final stage of his professional year and has recently begun his Master’s Degree in Financial Planning. James works alongside Darren and Ben to make sure all your needs are met.

Ben Ralston

Client Services

Ben is the newest member of our Financial Advice Team. Originally from Wangaratta Ben moved to Geelong in 2016 to study a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Financial Planning. Ben graduated 2019 Ben and has worked 5 years with one of the major banks and 1 year with another Financial Planning practice before joining our team in June this year. Like James he will be completing further studies to see him become registered as a financial adviser. Ben is looking forward to working with you to achieve your financial goals.

Our Services


At HJC we promote the benefits of long term investing and having a well-constructed investment portfolio.

All investments involve a trade-off between risk and return. It is important that your portfolio is generating sufficient returns to meet your long-term objectives such as a comfortable retirement. At the same time, it is also important that you are comfortable with the level of risk that you are taking on to meet these objectives.

We will discuss this trade-off with you and help you to determine the right asset allocation for your investment portfolio.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are about to retire in the next 12 months or next 5 years it is important to start retirement planning.

We plan not only to make sure you will have enough funds to afford a retirement but we put in place strategies to maximize your retirement and to be able to take those holidays and have the lifestyle you want. A retirement plan will help you to prepare for one of the biggest steps in your life.


Retirement can be a scary part of your life and you have many questions around if you have enough funds to retire on, how much you will need to live off and how to control and use the fund you have been saving for your retirement so they are long lasting and effective in generating a retirement income.

We like to simplify the process of moving seamlessly into retirement and making sure that the ongoing management of your investments is simple and easy for you.


Everyone knows how difficult dealing with Centrelink can be and how confusing they can be. We aim to make this as easy and painless for you as possible. We will assist you along the way with all your Centrelink needs.

The Process

Step 1: Initial Appointment

This appointment is free of charge and goes for approximately one hour. Its an opportunity for you to determine if advice is appropriate for you and we are the right fit. We also get to understand your financial goals and how we can help you. Following the meeting you will be sent an engagement letter confirm the advice we will be providing and the costs. If you decide to go ahead with the advice 50% of the agreed cost is payable after signing the engagement.

Step 2: Collecting Information

In this step we contact your superannuation funds and other product providers and gather the information we require to provide sound and holistic advice. Some of this information will need to be provided by you.

Step 3: Strategy Development

We will use the information we collected from the fund managers and start to develop strategies and alternatives on the best way to meet the goals and objectives. We research different types of products and investments that are appropriate for you.

Step 4: Financial Modelling

In this step we evaluate the outcomes of the strategies we developed in the previous step and determine which outcome is most beneficial to you. From this we choose the appropriate strategy for you and prepare your financial plan.

Step 5: Presenting Your Financial Plan

We will organize an appointment with you to present your plan which details our recommendation, alternative strategies and products that we have considered but not recommend and how you will benefit from our advice. In this appointment you can choose to accept or alter the recommendations as you please.

Step 6: Putting The Plan Into Action

The most important and crucial step is putting the plan into action. We will implement the agreed upon recommenda- tions and ensure that you they are set up the way they were intended and will assist you in achieving your goals. The remaining 50% of the Advice Fee is payable at this time.

Step 7: Reviewing Your Plan

As your situation evolves and with ever-changing rules and regulations it is important to review your strategy every 12 months to ensure it continues to achieve your goals, you are able to take advantage of any changes and ensure that you able to continue meeting your goals.

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Darren Cole and Andrew Daffy are directors of HJC Financial Advisers Pty Ltd (AFSL 525174)

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